SENS8 All-in-One

Get Started

How to set up SENS8 All-in-One?

1. Download the SENS8 app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

App Store:

Play Store:

Then, launch the app to create your account.

2. Register an account in the SENS8 app.

Register a SENS8 account to manage one or more SENS8 devices. Use an existing email address as your username, but we recommend creating a unique password for your account.

3. Follow the setup process as per the video

Please do the following before starting the setup:

i. Move your device next to your router to eliminate signal interference

ii. Verify your network is supported: SENS8 only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

iii. Check your network speed

iv. Check internet connection

v. Split your network into distinct SSIDs if using dual band

vi. Try another mobile device or tablet

vii. Update your router's firmware

What do the lights mean on SENS8 All-in-One?

During the setup process make sure to have proper light indications

Light Status & Indication for SETUP or UPDATE Wi-Fi.

Why can't I set up my SENS8?

Setup shouldn’t take longer than ten minutes. If setup fails or if it takes longer than ten minutes, there are a number of things that could be interfering with your device. Please refer to the following instructions: 1 Reset and Restart

Step 1: Reset your SENS8 by pressing the reset button (at the bottom of the device) for a few seconds until the light turns white.

Step2: Turn the power button off and on again. (Keep holding it for 4s to turn off and 2s to turn on)

Step3: Reset your router.

Step4: Wait for about 3 minutes and try to set up again.

2 Move your device next to your router to eliminate signal interference We recommend moving your SENS8 device as close to the router as possible to eliminate signal interference for the initial update. Some building materials, as well as proximity to other electronics and wireless devices, can affect Wi-Fi performance. 3 Try another mobile device or tablet If you’re still having trouble setting up your SENS8, try setting up with another iOS or Android device. If you don’t plan to continue using the SENS8 app on this device, make sure to sign out of your account once setup is completed. Note: Before attempting setup again, reset your SENS8 device first. 4 Other troubleshooting tips If you continue to have trouble here are some other things to consider:
  • Verify your network is supported: SENS8 only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Check your network speed
  • Check internet connection
  • Split your network into distinct SSIDs if using dual band
  • Update your router's firmware

How to share my SENS8?

Share access to your device with family, roommates, or anyone you choose. Members have the same access and privileges that you do to monitor and arm/disarm SENS8. Note: The first member to set up SENS8 is the owner of the device. Only the owner can remove other members from a device. To share access to your SENS8: 1. Open the app and tap "Me" icon and tap "Share My SENS8" 2. Enter the e-mail address of the member you want to share: If the member already has a SENS8 account, the member should log in with the e-mail address you entered, and gets a nofication to accept or rejecet your inviation. If the member does not have a SENS8 account, you will need to send an invitation e-mail to them from the SENS8 app. The member then will need to download the SENS8 app and register an account with the e-mail address you entered. Once they sign up, the SENS8 devices you share will automatically appear in their account. If the member does not have a SENS8 account

What do the "Modes" mean in SENS8 app?

Arm: SENS8 monitors your home and sends you a notification with or without sounding the alarm when it detects an abnormal activity. Abnormal temperature, sound and humidity also trigger notifications to you depending on your settings. Disarm: The activities are not monitored by SENS8. Abnormal temperature, sound and humidity still trigger notifications to you depending on your settings. Schedule: You can set schedules for Arm and Disarm. Auto-Arm: SENS8 automatically arms or disarms itself based on the location services of your smartphone. If SENS8 believes you are away from home, it will arm itself to protect your home

How to reset SENS8?

If you're having difficulty with your SENS8 device, such as issues with network connectivity, try resetting your device by pressing the reset button for several seconds to make the status light turn white, and then release. Or you can refer to the set-up video to check more details (Starting from 3:46)

How to make an emergency call?

You can enter any phone number you would like to call under emergency circumstances. It can be your family or friend’s phone number or local police’s. Providing that a service fee could be charged for police response, please be careful if you set local police’s phone number as your emergency number. Set your emergency number Go to "Me"→"Settings"→" Emergency Phone number" and set the number as follows: Make an emergency call After setting up the phone number, you can see a phone icon when you are watching a live stream and tap the icon you can dial the number instantly

How to link to my Dropbox/Google Drive account?

In the SENS8, tap “Cloud Storage” on Me page, and follow the instructions onscreen. 1. Go to the "Me" section and tap "Cloud Storage" 2. Select the cloud account you would like to link to and go through the function description, sign-in, and access permission.

Before You Buy

How does SENS8 record or store the video footage once the local memory hits the max storage?

SENS8 only records video when unusual activity is detected. The video is stored in a built-in 8G memory which can save about 800 1080p HD video clips. When the local memory gets full, the oldest videos will be deleted to make room for newly recorded ones automatically. Also, if you link your SENS8 to your Dropbox/Google Drive account, the recorded videos will be uploaded simultaneously to your Dropbox/Google Drive which is absolutely free.

Is the SENS8 compatible with Google assistant/home?

Google Home integration is currently unavailable with SENS8 at this time, but the good news is that we’re working on smart home integrations of SENS8, and Google Home is definitely in the roadmap.

How far can the camera accurately see?

In daylight, SENS8 can see about as far as you can, and its 140-degree field of vision is almost as wide as the human eye. It also has Night Vision to be able to see in the dark. The camera of SENS8 stays on all the time, so you can have access to live stream any time as long as it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Can I add my own SD card for more local memory?

We have replaced SD card with eMMC memory, which is a local storage solution being faster, more secure. It is a built-in memory chip, so no one can take it from SENS8 device like SD card might be. There is no more SD card slot in the device. If you would like to have more memory for video storage, it is recommended that you can upload them to your Dropbox/Google Drive, and it is free from any subscription fee.

Can I add another camera to my SENS8 account?

After downloading the app, you can add SENS8 devices (All-in-One and Light Cam) as many as you want in one account. You can place them in different places, like bedroom, kitchen, balcony, using one account to view them and control them easily. However, it requires sufficient bandwidth to keep all cameras connected. Each camera will occupy 0.5Mbps to 1Mbps upload bandwidth.


Why is my SENS8 disconnected?

There are a variety of reasons why your SENS8 may not be able to communicate with our servers. Your device could be unplugged, your location may be having a power outage, the camera may not be connected to the internet. In most cases, you can troubleshoot these issues right in your own home.

  • Verify your network is supported
  • Check your network speed
  • Check internet connection
  • Split your network into distinct SSIDs if using dual band
  • Update your router's firmware

Why is my SENS8 video in black and white?

SENS8 is equipped with automatic night vision. SENS8 uses an ambient light sensor (ALS) to detect light levels. When there is insufficient light to record clearly, your device will automatically use night vision. All video from your SENS8 devices will be in black and white when night vision is activated. When there is enough ambient light to record clearly in color, your device will automatically stop using night vision.

Why the video is red (pink) tinted? How to fix it?

No worries about the red (pink) tinted picture. This is caused by the PIR sensor when SENS8 was initially set up. It should adjust itself later or you can manually adjust it by following the instructions below. You can fix it by covering the top of the device with your hand for a few seconds till the video turns into night vision (black and white picture), then check it again.

Why don't I receive notifications from SENS8?

Make sure notifications are enabled Make sure you have a good mobile signal and your device is not in 'do not disturb' or 'airplane mode.' Both iOS and Android have these settings that can block alerts and notifications from being received. Double-check that you've allowed SENS8 to send you notifications. In your mobile device's settings, verify that you've enabled this feature and that the specific notification style for the SENS8 app meets your preferences. Tap the Settings app.

  • Tap Notifications.
  • Scroll down and tap the SENS8 app icon.
  • Make sure the Allow Notifications toggle is green.
  • Make sure the Show on Lock Screen toggle is green.
  • Make sure Alert Style When Unlocked is set to Banners or Alerts.
Enable Android notifications
  • Navigate to the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Tap SENS8.
  • Select Show notifications.
If you still cannot receive any notifications after the double-check, please log out and log into the app again to make the notification work properly. Or you can contact us via support@mysens8 to check the notification status for you.