SENS8 Light Cam

Outdoor security camera plus motion-sensing light, double security without video storage fee.

Can be used anywhere there is a Wi-Fi signal & a power outlet. 

Peace of Mind

More Security During Night

Double the security by startling off the intruders with

both strong light and alarm, preventing the crime before it happens.

800-lumen built-in LED light provides high brightness automatically when someone is nearby in the darkness.

Smart and Accurate

Only detects what matters to you.

With customized motion detection zone, SENS8 Light Cam intelligently

 focuses on the important area and detects activities that matter to you, which reduces false alarms caused by pets, passing cars, shaking leaves, etc.

Reliable and Considerate


Protected from rain and dust with IP66 rated weatherproof technology, the camera will maintain use throughout rugged conditions.

Technical Specs

Camera                         1080p HD camera with night vision
Field of View                 140°            
Audio                             2-way audio
Siren                              95 dB+
Video Storage              8 G built-in local storage & supports                                         uploading to Dropbox/ Google Drive
Light                              800 lumen
Power                            AC power
Connectivity                 2.4GHz
Motion Detection        Up to 26 feet  with customized                                                   motion zone
Dimensions                  2.4 in. x 2.4 in. x 7.2 in.
Warranty                       1 Year